Free Drum Machine Samples

A single TR-909 drum kit which captures all of the machine’s sounds. Groove templates are also included.

    Full Metal TR-909 [Roland TR-909]

Boxed Ear

One fine free drum machine sample pack from Boxed Ear so far. Looking forward to more stuff from these guys in the future!

    Boxed Ear CR-78 [Roland CR-78 CompuRhythm]


cl516 is a very interesting blog, I suggest you check it out if you’re into rare and unusual synth gear.

    Oberheim DX [Oberheim DX]
    LinnDrum [Linn LM-2]
    Tape TR-909 [Roland TR-909]
    TR-909 [Roland TR-909]


These guys are sampling their favorite drum machines and are doing a damn good job at it. All the drum sample packs are reasonably priced, and the free ones are listed below.

    Casio VL-1 [Casio VL-1]
    DR-55 [Boss DR-55]
    Rhythm-12 [Electro-Harmonix Rhythm-12]
    Oberheim DMX [Oberheim DMX]
    Sound Master SM-8 [Sound Master SM-8]
    Sound Master SR-88 [Sound Master SR-88]


Acid Box Blues (aka dyLAB) is a great blog dedicated to Acid music.

    Roland TR-606 Sample Set [Roland TR-606] (now commercial)
    Roland TR-707 Sample Set [Roland TR-707] (now commercial)

Francis Prève

We all value pristine 808 and 909 drum samples, but I also like having a folder stacked with lo-fi, cheap sounding drums. Francis Prève’s Mattel Synsonics samples are just like that, noisy, dirty, and awesome.

    Mattel Synsonics [Mattel Synsonics]


Goldbaby and his signature analog tape treated drum machine samples have recieved numerous positive reviews all around the internet. You can have a part of that magic for free, thanks to this indie sound designer’s generosity. Below is the list of all the freebie drum machine samples available from Goldbaby:

    Cassette 808 [Roland TR-808]
    Cheetah MD16 [Cheetah MD16]
    DMX606 [Oberheim Prommer]
    MPC60 Free [Akai MPC-60]
    Tape 606 [Roland TR-606]
    Tape DP-50 [Technics PCM DP50]
    Tape MR-16 [Korg MR-16]
    Tape TR-66 [Roland TR-66]
    Tape uTonic [Sonic Charge µTonic]
    Tape Vermona DRM [Vermona DRM]
    SP-1200 vs MBase 1 [E-mu SP-1200 vs Jomox MBase 01]
    XmasGift 2010 [E-mu SP-1200]

Illuminated Sounds

Apart from the drum machine samples listed below, you will find some awesome circuit bent hardware samples on the Illuminated Sounds Website. For more glitchness & circuit bending samples, make sure you check out Free Sample Shootout #1.

    TR-606 Sample Pack [Roland TR-606]
    TR-626 Sound Library [Roland TR-626]

MIDI Mechanics Showroom

The Rapman is not a drum machine, I know, I know… But I’m so softhearted towards Casio sounds that i had to include it here. A great little drum pack by the The MIDI Mechanics.

    Casio Rapman RAP-1 [Casio RAP-1]

Music Machines

A classic collection of drum machine samples! Most of these samples were recorded back in the 90s and have been mirrored in numerous sites and drum machine packs all around the web. Here’s your chance to download them from the original source.

    cr8kkit [Roland CompuRhythm CR-8000]
    dr110kit [Boss DR-110]
    dr55kit [Boss DR-55]
    kr55kit [Korg Rhythm 55]
    kpr77kit [Korg KPR-77 Rhythmer]
    linndrum [Linn LinnDrum]
    mt32 [Roland MT-32]
    tr505 [Roland TR-505]
    tr606kit [Roland TR-606 Drumatix]
    tr626 [Roland TR-626]
    tr707 [Roland TR-707]
    tr727 [Roland TR-727]
    tr808all [Roland TR-808]
    tr909all [Roland TR-909]
    univox12 [Univox Micro-Rhythmer 12]


Two freebie drum machine kits available for download on the Progsounds website:

    Progsounds Roland TR-505 Samples Pack [Roland TR-505]
    Progsounds Roland TR-707 Samples Pack [Roland TR-707]


Plenty of cool stuff to be found on, make sure you check out the downloads section in case you haven’t done so already.

    Rekkerd Analog Kick Pack [Jomox MBase 01]

Sounds Outside The Lines

Sounds Outside The Lines have released a small but nice sounding pack as a freebie taster for their 9GB large commercial TR-909 drum sample library.

    Revolution-909 FREE [Roland TR-909]


Classic Roland TR-808 and TR-909 drum machines, recorded for use in a round-robin patch. Originally posted on Gearslutz, now on their own download page.

    LonDonsen Moore TR808/TR909 Kits [Roland TR-808 & TR-909]

Tape Death

Along with the JoMoX XBase sample pack listed below, make sure you also check out Tape Death’s Roland MC-202 pack, featuring some juicy sub bass samples.

    Jomox XBase-09 Kicks [JoMoX XBase-09]


A relatively new name in the sampling scene, Nathaniel aka Tonebuilder made a big boom with his somewhat controversial website and a drum library of undeniably high quality. There will only be 997 copies of Driven Machine Drums available for users all around the world, but all of us can enjoy these freebie drum samples listed below.

    DMDSB Demo [Various drum machines]
    DMDSB BPB Exclusive DEMO [Various drum machines]

Trash Audio

The name doesn’t promise too much, but this website offers one of the most extensive 808 kits I’ve ever found.

    Roland TR-808 Sample Pack [Roland TR-808]

Wave Alchemy

Another well-known name in the drum sampling world, Wave Alchemy also offers a number of freebie drum machine sample packs. No need to say it really, their samples are of the highest possible quality.

    606 Drums [Roland TR-606]
    808 Drums (Free Samples) [Roland TR-808]
    808 Tape [Roland TR-808]
    909 Tape [Roland TR-909]
    909 Drums (Free Samples) [Roland TR-909]
    Drum Fire (Free Samples) [Drum Fire DF-2000 & MFB Schlagzwerg]
    Drum Machines 01 [Various drum machines]
    Drum Machines 02 [Various drum machines]
    Drum Tools Teaser [Various drum machines]
    Electrik Drums (Free Samples) [Vermona DRM]
    Tape KPR-77 [Korg KPR-77]
    Syncussion Drums [Pearl Syncussion SY-1]


Waveformles is one of my favorite blogs, and their awesome Free Sample Friday series has been a source of some great freebie samples in the past. Here are the drum machine samples they’ve shared so far:

    Casio SK-1 Beats [Casio SK-1]
    Joel Bisson’s Boss DR-220 [Boss DR-220]


WaveShaper is offering a set of drum sample kits recorded from some pretty unique analog drum machines and synthesizers. Every page listed below shows links to both commercial and free versions of each sample pack.

    Monokken [Korg Monotron]
    MS20 Drum Samples [Korg MS-20]
    plasticid – DR110 kit [Boss DR-110]
    tubest8tion [Novation DrumStation]
    UDS+EH [Marsh UDS]



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